PCSX Reloaded


Simple but powerful Playstation emulator



PCSX Reloaded is a Playstation One emulator for Windows that lets you enjoy the huge catalogue of one of the most beloved video game consoles in history. Titles like Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, and Suikoden 2 are totally compatible with this emulator.

One of PCSX Reloaded's strong points is that it's extremely easy to configure. Users don't need to download BIOs or anything like that and, although there's a prior configuration process, it's easy to automate. Luckily, you also have the possibility of configuring all the parameters manually, but only if you want to take full advantage of the tool. Also, if you have a gamepad connected to your computer you can use it to play all your video games.

PCSX Reloaded is an excellent Playstation emulator for Windows. This is because, although it's really easy to configure, it also offers dozens of different configuration options. And that's something more to add to the gigantic compatibility list.